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Decking Design & Construction / Modern Extensions & Project Management

How can C K Hill Builders help you?

At C K Hill Builders, we have extensive experience in creating super functional and tastefully designed decks and pergolas. Our designs always add meaning to the landscape, along with beautifying the house to boost its market value. We don’t believe in creating designs that are not functional or do not suit the lifestyles of our client.

Designing a deck is a process that requires us to understand the neighborhood, the architecture of the house, and most importantly, the homeowners themselves. The right deck is always the one that fits seamlessly well with the lifestyles of the homeowners. As pioneers of designing and construction in Hobart, we pride ourselves for identifying the needs of our clients.

Decking Design & Construction

At C K Hill Builders, our team of experienced and competent designers and construction experts are dedicated to strict quality control and modern innovation. We believe in sitting down with the clients before anything else, and understanding their dreams.

Our team is dedicated to turn these dreams into a vibrant and functional reality. Once we have understood the requirements of the client, we assist the homeowners in making changes that will add value to their property.

Whether you want an outdoor dining arrangement, a raised deck, or a fancy pergola. At C K Hill Builders, we believe in creativity and innovation, and our team will incorporate all your needs and desires into the project with great efficiency.

A Deck to Complement your Lifestyle

The island lifestyle of Hobart makes decks and pergolas a super-functional investment. The majority of the homeowners we have catered to wish to create outdoor dining settings, enclosed pergolas, green houses and raised decks. We understand that homeowners have their own requirements and desires. Some desire more privacy, some want to create alluring dining settings, greater security, while others want noise reduction.

At C K Hill Builders, when we undertake a deck design and construction project, our main aim is to enhance the property and boost its value. Our team will advise you on the best materials and ideal construction techniques to fulfil your desires and requirements. We undertake every project with strict quality control measures, and our strategy revolves around a fuss-free and safe construction process.

As pioneers of construction and renovations in Hobart, we pride ourselves on creating maintenance-free and fashionably functional decks. Indeed, our construction will work wonders at enhancing the value and charm of your property and last a lifetime if maintained.

Modern House Extensions

Often your best option may be to extend and stay in your current house rather than go through the time consuming and stressful process of trying to find another suitable home. You may love the area where you live, and this can give you the best opportunity to make the changes you really want in your own house. Get exactly what you want! Why settle for second best and this is often the most economical choice and more affordable than relocating and paying extra taxes and fees on the purchase of another home.

We have established contacts with all the necessary professionals and can easily drive your home extension from a concept to a reality!

We adhere to strict quality control, focus on budget, maintain strictly agreed timelines and deliver exactly what our clients expect.

All you need do is just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Project Management

Whether you are an owner, contractor or investor, you need to deal with a range of requirements during every phase of your construction project. Our project management services provide you with comprehensive supervision, inspection and commissioning services for all types of projects – no matter the size or location.

We have the expertise to assist clients with project planning, budgeting, time and quality management, contract administration and safety management. Building your dream home and transforming you vision into a reality can be a very complicated and stressful procedure!