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C K Hill Builders & Hobart Handyman: How Can We Help You?

Tasmania is a fashionable and charming island that stands proud with its traditional heritage, historic architecture and sandstone buildings, and we at C K Hill Builders, are the pioneers of construction and development, with a dignified reputation of trust and reliability.

C K Hill Builders & Hobart Handyman are names of trust and family-oriented values that seek to win over the ultimate satisfaction of their clients. There is no building renovation job too big or too small for us.

Regardless of what you need, our team of certified and experienced builders, technicians, handymen and construction workers will provide satisfaction with their dedicated diligence.

C K Hill Builders Pty Ltd

We are a family oriented business that upholds a prestigious history of construction, development and renovating historic houses and buildings with modern, state of the art installations. C K Hill Builders can help you with a diverse range of projects and services, including painting and plastering, kitchen and bathroom renovations, decks, patios, outdoor spaces and a lot more.

There is no construction need too menial or too overwhelming for our dedicated and experienced team of building professionals. We service our clients to the very best of our abilities, and we put a highly experienced, competent and well-certified team of professionals at your disposal. We make sure that the process is undertaken after conducting research regarding the soil, landscape and in light of the rules and regulations of your local Council and State.

From inspection and designing to the final stages of construction, our experts are dedicated to making sure your dreams come to life, exactly the way you wished for!


Hobart Handyman Services

A house requires repairs and maintenance all year round. Whilst some repairs can be fixed by the DIY route, certain repairs involving electrical wiring, plumbing, fireplaces, mold and mildew, amongst other problems, are best handled by an expert.

Hobart Bathroom Design & Renovations

Bathrooms are indeed one of the most important and essential spaces in any home. They are a personal recluse where we all can carve out some personal space and distance ourselves from all the chaos, especially when there are toddlers in the house or we just need some alone, relaxation time!

Hobart Decking Design & Construction

At C K Hill Builders, we have extensive experience in creating super functional and tastefully designed decks and pergolas. Our designs always add meaning to the landscape, along with beautifying the house to boost its market value.


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