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Hobart Bathroom Design & Renovations:

How can C K Hill Builders help you?

Bathrooms are indeed one of the most important and essential spaces in any home. They are a personal recluse where we all can carve out some personal space and distance ourselves from all the chaos, especially when there are toddlers in the house or we just need some alone, relaxation time!

At C K Hill Builders, we seek to create and renovate impressively stylish and super functional bathroom spaces that will truly add value to your house and utility to your life. As trusted and credible builders, we have an extensive experience in renovating the historic houses of Tasmania and adding functional and modern bathroom spaces that attract envy and pride.

Functional & Fashionable

We strongly believe that a bathroom space should be suitable to the climate of Hobart, which tends to be excessively hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Our renovation experts and designers will help you draw out impressive plans that take into account all your requirements and desires, along with ensuring that the design is functional and versatile, in accordance with the latest standards. Underfloor heating for instance is a must in this climate for winter.

At C K Hill Builders, we have an experience in catering to both, high-end clients who demand opulence and luxury, and economical clients who seek budget-friendly designs and renovations that add value to their lifestyle. Whether you want an opulent and tastefully designed bathroom, or a budget-friendly renovation to give a cramped bathroom the illusion of a spacious and well-lit space. Our team of experienced and dedicated builders will get the job done impressively!

Construction & Renovations

A bathroom construction or renovation is a long-term and sizable investment, and we at C K Hill Builders make sure that this investment is worth your while. Our team ensures that the design and renovations are strategically planned, well-coordinated and to code. As per our extensive experience in designing and renovating bathroom spaces and modernising the utilities, we have identified that the majority of homeowners seek more storage space, while others want to modernise their bathrooms with modern fixtures, and a clutter-free design.

Our project management services are high-end and efficiently coordinated, and we are extremely proud to have a prestigious clientele as satisfied and happy clients across the island of Hobart, who stand as a testament to our attention to detail and superior quality control. We make sure that each project is completed in a timely and efficient process, with communication with the owners and causing minimum inconvenience to the homeowners whilst the project is under construction or renovation.